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Late Shri P.K.Krishnan
It gives me immence pleasure to welcome you to this site and to talk to you about us. There have been many steps taken, and many people involved, to bring us to the start of this trust in 1981.

The objective of “
Shree Siddhi Vinayagar English High School” is to provide you with excellent all round education, that will transform your personality from being mere children, into well educated and cultured human being.

 At “
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To develop every faculty of childs brain & to make him live every
second of his life in a unique way we have a number of activities. . Our belief perfectionist train perfection so for every activity thought genius of that field are selected. Fluidity of thoughts is based on the boundaries you’ve set around you so here we push the potentials to the max so that success becomes easy...
We believe the process of education that develops the human body,
specifically fitness and movement skills is valuable as stands applicable to life, present and future. Last but not the least we applaud our self for mandatetising activities “As every activity teaches an individual how to work and interact with others to pursue goals unattainable”.
We see the world as we are not as it is, because it is the “I” behind
every “eye” that does the seeing. Many say of achieving worthy accomplishment but some prove. Our press appraisal to some extend is our endeavor to prove what we stand for, as todaythe press has the power in bringing about economical & cultural changes in an unparalleled  manner. Today the press  is equipped with qualities which drive an individual or an institution to emerge or diverge  in the social graces  and become in true terms the conquer or looser of the world.
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